Fume Scout - Where to Buy Perfume

You know the feeling. You're in an unfamiliar city, or even a familiar city that you haven't had time to research. You know there's perfume out there somewhere. Your head whips around every time you see a bottle in a salon or dress shop window, but, no, it's always conditioner or nail polish. And most maddening, you know that there are people in that town who know where the perfume is and would happily tell you, if you could just ask.

Well, here's where I tell you what I know, and what the people that I know, know. This post is now outdated, and you should start with the Bonkers link below.
Where are the online retailers, you ask? Well, that information is easier to get, so I'm starting with the brick-and-mortar sources. But I'll be adding some links to lists of online retailers.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.

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