Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rambling: Dinner

Cream saaaaaaaaauce!


Things got busy tonight, and dinner was three glasses of iced tea and two peanut butter cups. For me; I'm not quite sure what Himself had. I'm thinking of topping that off with a tablespoon or two of actual peanut butter.

I used to cook -- "used to" being a few years ago. Not fancy cooking, but I cooked more than this. I cooked garden vegetables this summer, though not nearly as many vegetables the garden pumped out. But now that the garden isn't out there pressuring me to "cook me! cook me!", we're eating a fair number of dinners that include Halloween candy, corn chips, or Ben & Jerry's.

Of course, I'm still frying chicken now and then. Chicken legs, chicken wings, chicken fingers. And Goop, which is essentially Chicken A La King with the sauce thickened to the consistency of cupcake frosting. (Hey, I didn't say I was proud of it.)

But I used to stir-fry things. And we made chicken and dumplings. And vegetable dishes more complex than "boil, drain, add butter". And I remember roasting a very fine duck. And there are photographs of us prepping for a party, with recipe printouts taped all over the kitchen. What happened to the cooking?

I'll have to work on it. Maybe a nice cream-based chicken soup would be a good first experiment. After, of course, NaNoWriMo.

Image: By Evan-Amos. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I've been following your blog long enough to remember the cooking, and the recipes! I marvelled at your industry and patience. I bet somewhere in the archives there is even a comment to that effect.

    Me, I am very much of the "boil, drain and butter" persuasion - now as then. A chicken self-cooking in the oven with an onion up its bottom is the absolute pinnacle of my culinary achievements.

  2. Yo, Vanessa! The chicken is a good deal more ambitious than I've been doing lately. But I'm really quite pleased that there was a time when I made you marvel. :)