Saturday, November 5, 2011

NaNoWriMo: Changing direction. Again. Maybe a few times.

So, new thoughts on NaNoWriMo.

See, I like my plot. It's not just good enough, I actually like it. And the characters. And the several different ways that it could go. And I strongly suspect that it's a concept that won't benefit from the frantic "Hey! That could be a scene with a lot of words!" approach of NaNoWriMo. At least, that's my approach to NaNoWriMo.



It's a problem.

Now that I've found the plot that I wanted, I'm seriously considering doing something else. Something that would probably go in the NaNoWriMo Rebel category. I'd still count the 5,573 words I've written so far; that would be part of the rebel thing.

So, something else, like a nonfiction book about clutter and hoarding and, while I'm at it, why all the experts demonstrate a fundamental misunderstanding of compulsive hoarders.

Or a nonfiction book about gardening. Writing fifty thousand words (OK, 44,427 words) about gardening might finally break through my "Why can't I write about gardening?" block. Admittedly, I already know that much of the explanation of the block is "Because I can't write as well as Henry Mitchell, that's why." But all the same, the fact that I can't write as well as Calvin Trillin doesn't stop me from writing about food.

Or, see, I could go on a blogging frenzy and write forty-four-thousand-and-change words of blog posts. Would that just be sheer mad madness? Probably, because fifty thousand words doesn't really allow for, y'know, editing, and I like to edit before I post.

But it does mean that I could count this post. So it'd only be (frantic calculation) 44,159 words to go.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. You know, you should just write about whatever comes to your mind and you want to put to paper (or screen) and then when the NaNoWriMo is over - you could take a look back and see what it was that was easiest to write and where the process took you and what came out of it.
    In short - stop thinking about writing and start writing (and writing about writing doesn't count). ;)

  2. Yo, Ines! Yes, I agree with you; I think I'll do that, Just wrote. And possibly post a good deal of it.

    But writing about writing counts, sure it does!