Sunday, October 31, 2010

SOTW: Bubbles and Cthulhu

Saturday was, of course, scentless Saturday. Though that doesn't affect the bathtub. I realized, while surveying the expanse of bubbles, that I'm racking up a lot of scented products all at once. This time, there was Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange soap, Emz Blendz Mandarin Mint Shampoo Moon, Cranky Baby bubbles, and Elizabeth W Rose bath oil. This may be overkill. Three out of four involve oranges, though; does that make it sound any more sensible?

I also realized that in winter, the White Jasmine & Mint bath oil that I've been using is the wrong scent. (Even if it does go with the shampoo moon.) In winter, it's roses that produce that happy immersed-in-sleepy-fog feeling.

On Sunday, of course I had to wear Cthulhu In Love. Slime, evil, and chocolate - what could be better for Halloween?

And have a look at Himself's pumpkin art. Cool, huh?

Photo: Mine.

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