Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Perfume: The Candy Store

We were just in Vancouver, for a little under a day. I spent a little under an hour in The Perfume Shoppe.


I will now draw the veil over all budgetary offenses that may or may not have ensued.

Image: By Andreas Praefcke. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. No veil-drawing allowed! Inquiring minds want to know on a need-to-know basis. Which is basically all of us.

  2. Exactly what FS said! NO VEILS. Full disclosure is required.

    Well, not of your financial outlay. A detailed listing of the incremental inventory will do.

  3. Well... well.... OK, it's not as if you don't already know I'm a madwoman. But I'll hide my financial irresponsibility down here in the comments. Even though I see that I've written enough for a post here. :)

    Some totally unneeded background: My official perfume budget is one bottle per quarter out of General Funds. Gifts, and a certain percentage of windfalls, don't count against the budget. Neither do rewards for doing certain Scarey Things. Neither do under-twenty-dollar bargains, as long as those bargains don't happen too often. "Too often" is at my discretion. You can see that there are a lot of loopholes in this budget.

    This is leading up to the fact that I bought a year's worth of bottles. I am now frantically tracking back to see when I last bought a General Funds bottle, in the hope that I can buy something before October of 2011. :)

    But the four bottles (ta da!) are:

    Parfumerie Generale Iris Taizo. This was the sensible, well-evaluated, I Already Know I Love It purchase. And she had the tiny 30ml bottles, and the bottle is so darn cute! (Ahem. I do not say "cute". Self editing will cut in now.)

    The Different Company Oriental Lounge. This, and the other two, were purchased based on a twenty-minute drydown in the store. This is Wrong and Against The Rules. On the other hand, my past sniffed-that-day purchases from The Perfume Shop worked out, so I choose to attribute magical powers to Naz and her perfume recommendations. And I wanted to try The Different Company. And I wanted to love an Oriental, and this quiet, transparent, "junior Oriental"/"gateway Oriental" seems like just my speed. And the twenty minutes on my skin were gorgeous. So I broke the rules.

    Andy Tauer Orange Star. I want to love an Andy Tauer. It's irrational, but I really really do. And I'm concluding, as part of my rationalizing, that my quest for the perfect orange may never end in _the_ perfect orange, but may just end in a group of orange fragrances - Theorema, Tuscan Blood Orange, The Color Orange (still on the Wanna Buy It list), possibly Bois de Copaiba someday, and now Orange Star - that each cater to the craving in different way. So this was a sensible purchase. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Serge Lutens Bas de soie. I almost didn't buy this - I went away gleefully clutching the first three, then got a whiff of Bas de soie as we were packing in the hotel, and fled back to buy it. (The Perfume Shoppe was in _walking distance_ of the hotel. Bwahaha.) I told myself that I have too many greens, that this was too close to No. 19, blah blah blah, and then I bought it anyway.

    Greens are my most-loved category; I'm confident that if No. 19 and Cristalle and Ivoire and Jasmine White Moss and A Scent and Vent Vert can all carve out their own niche - and they have, with the psosible exception of modern Vent Vert, and it's a sadly reformulated echo of itself - then this lovely thing can too. It's a soft, powdery, ladylike green, so ladylike that it almost seems to be laughing to itself about the fact. I was seeing it as No. 19's niece, but I think it also lunches with Cuir de Lancome and Lancome Climat - they're all ladylike in a similar warm, elegant, Myrna Loy sort of way.

    Ahhh. Perfume gluttony.

  4. Howdy, kj! I was bad and evil and wrong. And I'm quite incorrectly pleased about it.

  5. I may have written off Bas de Soie before even smelling it... but Climat and Cuir de Lancome and No. 19 could lunch with it?

    Clearly I must sample.

  6. Mals! Yes yes yes. Now, it could be my nose and my skin, but I am getting that ultra-classic-but-with-a-sense-of-humor vibe. Well, I suppose No. 19 doesn't have the sense of humor, but she's gorgeous enough to get away without one.