Friday, January 22, 2010

SOTD: Parfumerie Generale Bois Blond

Closeup photo of peanut brittle.
I just declared a new fragrance strategy for when I'm cranky: Wear scents that I'm trying to break myself of wanting.

Such as, for example, Bois Blond. I've discussed Bois Blond's split personality, the gorgeous sunny hayfield versus the heap of stale nuts. I don't want to want Bois Blond. It's expensive, it's limited edition, it's expensive - mostly, it's expensive. Too expensive for a scent that I don't reliably like.

But I do want it. So that's what I'm wearing today. There was a break in the rain today, and I'm also drowning myself in chocolate milk, but much crankiness remains. So I'm going to send Bois Blond into the breach and see if it survives. So far, it's not surviving very well - it's not just a stale nut day, but a sticky stale nut day.

(Off topic: While looking for a picture to represent sticky nuts, I saw a picture of bacon peanut brittle. Oh, my. I'm not sure if I'm horrified or delighted.)

Review Roundup: Is here.

Image: From Mackinac Fudge Shop. And, no, I'm sure it's not stale, I'm sure it's delicious. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I have wondered what that "uh?" note was in Bois Blond, other than the hay, and now I see that it was sticky stale nuts all along.

    Bacon peanut brittle sounds hardcore! That's cholesterol raising food in 3-D.

  2. Oooooh, I'm so not a hay person. This one's way too rural for me. Have you tried the vanilla and rotting hay that is Felanilla?

  3. Yep, I get stale nuts in many things, but the sticky was new to me. For a few moments it was instead curing wax or varnish, and I had a pleasant woodworking shop vibe. But then it was stale nuts again.

    Bacon and sugar. Mmmmmmmmm.

  4. lovethescents, I'm still not _quite_ sure that I've nailed down hay. It may be closely related to the stale nuts, because I get stale nuts in Felanilla as well. But late in Felanilla's development, I do get something that seems like nice hay. I need to try it a couple more times to tease the notes apart.

  5. How do you find all these unusual scents? You must have an amazing perfume collection.

    By the way, I love the pic on the bois blond post; I mean the pic with the cut wood log. Very pacific northwest.

    You might actually get me buying perfume again. I own almost none.

  6. Yes! Perfume! More perfume! Your nose is no doubt well-trained from all that coffee sniffing; expand its horizons. It'll be pleased. (You could start with coffee scents. Bond No. 9 New Haarlem, for example.)

    The widest selection of perfume is online these days, unless you're in a major city. Actually, even if you're in a major city. I'd be more than happy to point to some sources, if you like.