Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SOTD: Chanel Cuir de Russie (Les Exclusifs, EDT)

After only two wearings, Chanel Cuir de Russie is well on its way to being one of Those Scents - the scents at the core of my wardrobe, the ones that make me smell like me. I want some. The only question is whether I'm eventually getting a decant or a bottle, and how soon I can budget it.

I'm surprised that I feel comfortable in this scent. The elegance, the presence, the self-assured mood - none of that seems as if it should fit my nervous and rumpled self. But if I stop thinking about it, it just slips on, a perfect fit.

Review Roundup: Is here.

Photo: By Cszmurlo. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. It doesn't fit my nervous and rumpled self either, but like you, I love it! I have a 4ml mini, which came in a swap - somewhat astonishingly - as a random freebie with a mini of Bel Respiro, and I treasure it.

  2. The only true leather I embrace whole-heartedly-- It makes me think of the softest, most supple pink suede imaginable.

  3. It reminded me when I first smelt it of the back of a white Bentley - those vintage cars from the 60s that are still in vogue for weddings. Creamy leather seat strewn with confetti and maybe the odd petal.

  4. Now I haven't been in a Bentley like some people (heeeehheeeee) but it is smooth, creamy and gawjusss. As for those creamy leathers, also love Cuir de Lancome and Daim Blond---okay, daim is suede but they're both hides, after all ;-)

  5. Leather! Woohoo!

    Wow, that's a nice random freebie, flittersniffer. I wish that some modest sized manufacturer's bottle were reasonably available- the price per milliliter isn't that bad, but as far as I can tell you can only get it in the monster 200ml bottles? I'll never use that up, no matter how much I love it. I could get a half-ounce or one-ounce decant, but keeping decants for years makes me nervous, perhaps unnecessarily.

    Yes, car leather! In my mind, I think it's a vintage Jaguar.

    Left Coast Nose, I love a lot of leathers, but this one is floating - well, rocketing - to the top of the list. The only significant competitor for me is Daim Blond, and that one is in a very different category to me.

    Which means, lovethescents, that I will have to try Cuir de Lancome - if we agree on the other two, then in theory I ought to love that one.

  6. I believe I've been quite vocal enough about how much CdR hates me. And how jealous I am of those of you it caresses.

    I want very much to try Cuir de Lancome. Which means that I'd probably better get a sample pretty soon; it's been dtcd long enough now that stocks are starting to disappear from online discounters...

    BTW, I have nowhere to wear that dress, but I. Want. It.

  7. Whoops!! Back again. I looked up "Daim Blond"--- Ooooh, I've smelled it. Just last week my friend and I were at Barney's and spent a drunken 90 minutes doing tuberose and SL. "Daim Blond" was the only scent that I truly HATED all that afternoon-- I said that peach/apricot thing smells like arsenic. She loved it-- she kept wafting it under her nose and saying things like, "How can this smell anything other than the most romantic thing in the world to you?" And she hates leather in everything!! Go figure!!

  8. Sorry, Mals. :( It does have aspects that could quite easily turn horrible if they were shifted just a _little_ tiny bit. I assume that your skin does the wrong shift.

    Another discontinue? I'd never heard of Cuir de Lancome before this thread (had I? so many perfumes...), so I didn't know. I'd better get moving too.

    Yes, that dress... I have nowhere to wear it _and_ I will never ever have a figure that it would put up with. But, hey, if I owned it I could just display it exactly like that, couldn't I?

    Left Coast Nose, I'm curious: if you didn't have the arsenic association, do you think you'd like Daim Blond, or is it an association-independent hate?

    I can see how a leather-hater could like it, though. It doesn't blink LEATHER in big neon letters; it's just a pleasant (to me) scent that, oh, by the way, resembles suede.

  9. Amazon has Cuir de Lancome for $37. I may just skip the sampling phase...

  10. Daim Blond is HORRIBLE on me - it goes through this sweaty loafer routine, so I clearly have wrong shifting skin too.

    Skip the sampling phase and buy that bottle of Cuir. I got mine from T K Maxx for the equivalent of $48 and that was still a steal. It is a stronger leather, but will be a walk in the park for you.

  11. Oh, dear. Yeah, I can sort of see the necessary parts for Sweaty Loafter on Daim Blond.

    I ordered the Cuir. :) Irritatingly, too late for them to ship before Tuesday, so I'll have to wait a bit, but it's secured.