Friday, October 26, 2012

Perfume: Vintage. Danger. Also, Danger.

I've always avoided buying vintage perfumes, fearing bankruptcy and heartbreak combined.

Oh, sure, when I saw a little vintage bottle of Tabu at the costume jewelry shop I bought it, along with the equally tiny bottle of Replique that it was sharing shelf space with. And being a fan of greens, I had to order an itty bitty sample of vintage Vent Vert. But I've averted my eyes from eBay, and I tried to forget the existence of all those vintage Diors, and in general I focused on the classic perfumes that were still worth appreciating in their modern versions. And I didn't even like the vial of vintage Mitsouko that I bought along with the Vent Vert, so that helped.

But now and then I checked eBay for vintage Vent Vert. You know, just to see. To fill an occasional idle moment. I hadn't bought anything from eBay in years, and my PayPal account was just as idle, so I was more or less safe.

Then I woke up my PayPal account to buy a bottle of Schizm.

Then I had another idle moment. And I looked at eBay. With an armed PayPal account.

The bottle of vintage Vent Vert is predicted to arrive on Halloween. The tiny vials of seven different Dior parfums will probably appear a week or three after that--I went roaming beyond eBay and to Surrender to Chance. Then there's the vial of Vol de Nuit. And the sprayer of Indult Tihota. (Much more modern, but similarly prone to causing heartbreak.)

And I keep going back to eBay to look at the gorgeous houndstooth bottle of Diorella.

Oh, dear.

Image: By Hawkins. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Hey, if your checking account ever appears to be in jeopardy from buying excursions such as this one, and yet you still hunger and thirst.... let me know and I'll send you samples of all the vintage stuff I've got. Unless that would just exacerbate the lust!

  2. Thanks, olenska! I appreciate it. I continue to decline such kindly offers since my Postal Regulation Phobia continues to keep me from passing the kindness on. But I appreciate it anyway. :)