Sunday, October 21, 2012

Perfume: Blinking in the light

Things happened in the perfume world while I was gone.

Parfumerie Generale, arguably my favorite house, released Djhenne. And possibly Tonkamande; at least I don't remember it. Serge Lutens seems to have just continued the import/export shuffle, making Chene harder to buy just as I'm ready to buy it.

Side question: Has LuckyScent always had a category named Boozy? I love that.

Parfums de Nicolai, a house I like very much, has two new perfumes. But one (L'Eau a la Folie) looks fruity and the other (Musc Intense) is officially musky, so sadly I will probably skip sampling them.

I've never heard of this Ann Gerard name, but I'm tempted to try them just because they're offering small (9ml) sampler set bottles. Two of the set mention galbanum, too.

There's a perfume bottle (A Rebours) with fur on it. I'm scared. It mentions galbanum, too. The notes list is pretty interesting all around, in fact.

Danger, danger.

Image: By Remi Jouan. Wikimedia Commons.

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