Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Perfume: What I've been wearing

I've been slacking on perfume.

I wore Comme de Garcons Garage last week. That was entertaining. I have a full bottle now; did I mention that?

And I wore Parfumerie Generale Cedre Sandaraque yesterday or the day before. It smells so odd--like a combination of medicine and floor wax--that I find myself wondering if I smell what was intended, or if my nose is missing a note. I like it, but, well, there's oddness.

Oh, and my bottle of Schizm came! Ayala Moriel Schizm. Yum. I wore it and enjoyed it, but once again it had to fight with other perfumes. I had been sampling at a Dawn Spencer Hurwitz display and was wearing Bancha and Gelsomino and, oh, a bit of a Royal Apothic Orange Blossom Extract. I'll wear it properly another day soon.

Speaking of Gelsomino, I really like it too. Classic old-lady jasmine.


That is all.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.

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