Tuesday, September 11, 2012

SOTD: Ayala Moriel Schizm (Quick sniff.)

The other perfumes are bullying Schizm.

I applied some of my sample this morning, and found the slightly bitter dusty mossiness delightful. But as time went on, I began to smell...green tea

Yeah. I applied it to the same hand as yesterday's scent, and apparently the re-moistening woke up the faded scent.

So I started over on my forearm after lunch, and was enjoying it as the bitter green musty moss slowly transformed into something more floral and buttery. Then I decided to unpack my perfume Ziploc from my recent trip (I may be posting a portrait of said Ziploc tomorrow). You know that "uh-oh" moment when you feel dampness on your hands, just before the scented fog rises? Yeah. Sample vial failure. I'm now drowning in Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay.

So this is not a review. But the glimpses of Schizm that I did get were nice. Very nice.

Image: By Dick Mudde. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. If you really like the Schizm you might want to get some sooner rather than later as Ayala is discontinuing it due to lack of sales. Seems there isn't as much interest in chypres as she hoped. You can read the Sept 5 article, Chypre Time of Reflection, on her SmellyBlog.

    -- Lindaloo

  2. Thanks, Lindaloo! I would have been upset for this to go away without my knowing. I just cut my usual six-to-eighteen-month decision process for a full bottle to thirty-six hours, and bought one. :)