Saturday, March 6, 2010

SOTD: Serge Lutens Un Lys

One advantage of having too many samples is that sometimes you give yourself nice surprises. I thought that I was flat out of Un Lys, but I just found a nearly full 1.5ml sprayer of it and, of course, immediately put some on.


I think that I should start growing some more lilies, to go along with those roses that I was discussing yesterday.

Review Roundup: Is here.

Photo: By Marty Lucas. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I see you're back to reviewing perfumes with names in foreign languages, and apparently come in minuscule sizes. However, the idea of wearing beautiful lilies and roses as a scent has its temptation. Pair that with the grapefruit notes in a good Kenya coffee, and we're good to go.

  2. Ah, the miniscule size was just the sample size - a "real" bottle of Un Lys is 1.7 ounces. I'm still debating whether to buy one.

    The almost universal use of French for perfume names is an interesting issue. In this case, it actually is from a French company and is sold in France, so it makes sense. But all kinds of perfumes made in other countries - Italy, Britain, the US - are still often named in French.

    Thinking about which houses use English for their perfume names just made me realize that Comme des Garcons is a Japanese fashion label with a French name that names most of their perfumes in English. That's... odd. (Unless they have different language labels for each country? That doesn't seem likely.)


  3. Everyone uses French names-- DHS and her "Pampelmousse", Keiko Mecheri and her "Sanguine" and her "Bois de Santal." French is the lingua franca of perfume, so to speak...

  4. Everybody needs a bottle of Un Lys, take it from me!

  5. Howdy, LCN! Yeah, sometimes that seems right to me, and sometimes it just annoys me to see a French name on, say, a Lorenzo Villoresi bottle. I'm fickle. :)

    flittersniffer, I think I'm going to wait one more month to see if Un Lys keeps haunting me, and finally put it on the Schedule.