Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SOTD: None. And what about spring comfort scents?

Today has been characterized by:
  • Stress.
  • A vat of milk.
  • No perfume.
I wondered why I was wearing no perfume, considered the stress, had another glass of milk, and realized: I have no spring comfort scents. And had another glass of milk.

I don't want to be challenged by my perfume today. I'm sufficiently challenged by the project that I'm working on and the meetings that I'll be attending tomorrow.

I want a quiet scent. A sitting-still scent. I have those for winter: Cadjmere. Sutra Ylang. Just Breathe. New Haarlem. Un Crime Exotique. Patchouli 24. Art of Shaving Sandalwood...Oh.

Huh. Actually, I guess I could be wearing Art of Shaving Sandalwood right now.

But all the same, I have a whole brigade of comforting winter scents, while in the spring, everything but Sandalwood is Bright and Bracing. I need something quiet. Peaceful. Comfortable. I need something else that goes with rumpled, untucked white linen.

The two Malle scents that I just posted about are possible candidates. But while I go get some more milk, would any of you fine folks care to suggest others?

Photo: By Stefan Kuhn. Wikimedia Commons.


The Left Coast Nose said...

Ines of redhead fame sent me a sample of Lorenzo Villoresi "Musk"-- *crazy* good-- rose, sandalwood, and musk, natch. It smells like spring, to me-- warm and cozy, but still fresh. I just bought a bottle, in fact. If you want a taste, I'll send you some...

Anita said...

Hmmm...my version of 'comfort' scent and yours probably is way divergent but here is what gives me that serene feeling Right Now (we're in that wet/cold-sunshine/fog time ofyear in Cent. IL)

TDC Charmes y Feuilles
Delrae Amoreuse
Schiaparelli Shocking

That is Right Now. Yesterday it was a whole different list. And tomorrow...who knows?

Milk is good. Milk with Nestles Quik is better!


ChickenFreak said...

LCN, I forgot Musk! I actually have a bottle - the Inexplicable Perfume Store At The SF Airport was carrying it, and I lost control (who has their Will Not Buy Perfume guard up at the _airport_, especially if they don't qualify for the duty free shop?) and bought it. I haven't tried it yet in warm weather; I must now.

Hey, Anita! I've never tried any of those. I'm adding them to the Sniff List. (Should it worry me that I can add something to the Sniff List in less than five seconds? I have OmniFocus with the quick entry feature, and I use it far more often for perfume than for To Do tasks.)

Yes! Milk! I'm out now. I need more. My chocolate choice is Hershey's. I suspect that one's chocolate milk chocolate preference is set in stone by the age of five.

scentsofself said...

People say that L'Eau d'Hiver, another Malle, is a lovely soft green comfort scent. I have never tried it myself. I feel your pain! My beloved orientals are starting to feel a little wrong in the warm weather.

ChickenFreak said...

Hey, scentsofself!

I would swear that I've tried L'Eau d'Hiver, but I can't remember anything about it. At all. Not a trace. Next time I'm near a Malle display, I'll give it another sniff.

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