Sunday, March 28, 2010

SOTD: Hermessence Vetiver Tonka

I've discussed Vetiver Tonka before. It's a fragrance that I like only moderately well while it's on, but the next day, when I'm wearing something else, I badly miss it.

So I got some. (Not the big bottle, no.) And I wore it today. And I liked it only moderately well, so tomorrow will be the test of the trend. Tomorrow I may offer a proper Review Roundup; today I'll just check in and offer another kitty.

Image: By Deirdre A. Wikimedia Commons.


Mals86 said...

Stunning colors in the kitty pic.

And I've never been tempted in the slightest to test Vetiver Tonka. I love tonka. Vetiver, not-so-much.

The Left Coast Nose said...

I'd never learned to love vetiver until I tried a couple of the Montale's: "Vetiver des Sables" and "Red Vetiver" (or "Rouge"-- whatever...) Now I'm feeling thos especial stirrings when you are falling in love with something for the first time...

Does HVT have tonka bean things going on in it?

SignatureScent said...

Vetiver - I'm thinking no. Tonka - I'm thinking double no. However, you can't help but love Hermes - they make great fragrances.

Although - have you tried Voyage? Not so much love there from me.

ChickenFreak said...

Yo, Mals! Vetiver is growing on me more and more, though I suspect that I'll never like the really emphatic ones. My vial of Guerlain Vetiver Extreme, for example, just makes me cringe at the sight of it.

LCN! I still can't recognize tonka reliably, but I think that in Vetiver Tonka its job is primarily to tone down the vetiver - it doesn't actually get any time onstage, at least not that I can smell.

Hey, SignatureScent! Heh :) I officially dislike lavender, but I did like Brin de Reglisse, so, yeah, they do seem to sometimes be able to reconcile one to a disliked note.

No, I haven't tried Voyage, but i have a nice new sample, so I will be trying it soon.

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