Sunday, March 28, 2010

SOTD: Hermessence Vetiver Tonka

I've discussed Vetiver Tonka before. It's a fragrance that I like only moderately well while it's on, but the next day, when I'm wearing something else, I badly miss it.

So I got some. (Not the big bottle, no.) And I wore it today. And I liked it only moderately well, so tomorrow will be the test of the trend. Tomorrow I may offer a proper Review Roundup; today I'll just check in and offer another kitty.

Image: By Deirdre A. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Stunning colors in the kitty pic.

    And I've never been tempted in the slightest to test Vetiver Tonka. I love tonka. Vetiver, not-so-much.

  2. I'd never learned to love vetiver until I tried a couple of the Montale's: "Vetiver des Sables" and "Red Vetiver" (or "Rouge"-- whatever...) Now I'm feeling thos especial stirrings when you are falling in love with something for the first time...

    Does HVT have tonka bean things going on in it?

  3. Vetiver - I'm thinking no. Tonka - I'm thinking double no. However, you can't help but love Hermes - they make great fragrances.

    Although - have you tried Voyage? Not so much love there from me.

  4. Yo, Mals! Vetiver is growing on me more and more, though I suspect that I'll never like the really emphatic ones. My vial of Guerlain Vetiver Extreme, for example, just makes me cringe at the sight of it.

    LCN! I still can't recognize tonka reliably, but I think that in Vetiver Tonka its job is primarily to tone down the vetiver - it doesn't actually get any time onstage, at least not that I can smell.

    Hey, SignatureScent! Heh :) I officially dislike lavender, but I did like Brin de Reglisse, so, yeah, they do seem to sometimes be able to reconcile one to a disliked note.

    No, I haven't tried Voyage, but i have a nice new sample, so I will be trying it soon.