Wednesday, March 10, 2010

SOTD: Chanel Cuir de Russie

Important wardrobe tip: When wearing a silk scarf and spraying a scent on the back of your neck, make sure that you do these things in the correct order. Luckily, the scarf is a solid color, so it should survive the laundering.

Meanwhile, Cuir de Russie remains lovely. Still not quite as lovely as it is in cold weather, but I'm still thinking longingly of that giant monster bottle.

Review Roundup: Is here.

Photo: Mine. The newly leather-infused scarf is not present in the photo.


  1. Great minds think in small circles-- just wearing/thinking/writing about CdR. Yum!

  2. What colour was your silk scarf out of interest? As of relatively recently I have become a born again scarf wearer. Up till now I was clueless about the precise wearing and knotting techniques involved. I am only marginally more clued up now, but a lot bolder in my scarf configuring assays.

  3. Hey, LCN! Yes, I love it more and more, even with the weather being not quite right for it. And the scarf smelled gorgeous the next day.

    flittersniffer, this scarf was silk georgette(?), somewhere between sage green and lime green.

    It's one of a Batch O Scarves that I bought recently - the green one, another in forest green, an intense purple, a blood red, and a pair with some fairly neon iridscence - one in pink and blue, one in pink and orange. (The others were also a two-color weave, but the second color, usually black, is essentially impossible to see and just gives them more texture in the folds.)

    Scarves, along with perfume, are my Thing - my primary forays into Girldom. The photo up there is part of the collection. But unlike my habits with perfume, I pretty much never spring for the expensive scarves - they're almost all silk, but you'll never see a Hermes, and rarely even a full-price department store scarf, in my scarf box.

    The problem with inexpensive scarves is that I worry over how much the person who hemmed them got paid. It would probably be better for me to buy the silk georgette, a rolled hem foot, and a big bottle of spray starch, and try to hem my own.

    I'm babbling. I'll stop now. :)

  4. Oh wow, those are your scarves - gorgeous!

    I own one small Liberty headsquare, but otherwise eschew full price or branded scarves, other than those in the scarf cornucopia carried by my local T K Maxx. I bought a half price KRISH one the other day. I had never heard of KRISH, but it had an edgy urban looking tag. : - )

  5. I Googled KRISH but largely failed. It's pretty?