Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SOTD: None.

So. This writing thing that isn't happening. What's the deal?

I could, in theory, just ramble on without any subject--which is what I'm doing right now, can you tell? Except, I look around for inspiration and the lack of subject persists.

Did you know that Wikimedia Commons offers a "random file" option? When I'm trying to write my one-hundred-words-a-day of fiction, another thing that I haven't been doing, I sometimes use that for inspiration. For example, I just encountered a really terrifying dorsal view of an ant. A few dozen images later, and I see a giant ice cream cone apparently dropped on a building. Then a whole lotta bacon, sadly un-crispy. And then a gif of a rotating brain.

I'm vaguely stunned, but not so much inspired.

I think that it would be handy if the "random file" feature could accept search terms. So that, for example, I could get a random cat picture.

Sometimes I search for the obvious and get a surprise. For example, I just searched for "baby chicks", expecting the cute and fluffy, and got the cockatiel chick that's the picture for today's post. He is cute, I think, in a spiky and alarming sort of way.

So. "Just write something!" has failed to produce brilliance, but I'm posting anyway. And that is all.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. That chick is just spiky and alarming if you ask me, and I find it hard to imagine he will ever grow enough plumage to count as "fluffy". My money's on "pink and threadbare" right into adult life, but nature could prove me wrong.

  2. He is a frightening, isn't he? But he also looks perfectly content, in an endearing sort of way. In my view.