Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SOTD: None

Again, I went unperfumed. And I went to the dentist.


That is all.

Oh, and there's a longer whine on the other blog. Without any scary dentist content. In case you were worried.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.


Vintage Lady said...

I went two days ago. I had a few perfume on my skin from the previous day which now I can't remember which one was. Did it hurt? not me..

olenska said...

Holy cow, I went to the dentist this morning too! (It turned into a perfume story, to be told soon....)

ChickenFreak said...

Yo, Vintage Lady! No, the dentist didn't hurt, it was just an exam thingie. The Teeth Work comes later. :)

ChickenFreak said...

Hey, Olenska! I'm eager to see the perfume story. :)

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