Thursday, May 8, 2014

Blogging: Considering the daily blog again

Long ago, I blogged a daily Scent of the Day post every single day while. I have it in my head that I did was over a hundred days, but I suspect that I made that up. This Sunday (in, yet again, BlogChat) I remembered that and half-resolved to start blogging every day again--not necessarily about perfume, just about stuff. That was three days ago, and I haven't posted yet. So much for resolutions.

But I could still give it a try.

I occasionally theorize that the gotta-add-a-picture factor slows down blogging. The need for a picture seems vaguely silly--it's not as if y'all would come here, see a text-only post, and promptly shriek and run away, right? Right? I mean, a good fuzzy cat picture is a fine thing, but it's not as if it's mandatory

If I skipped the picture, I could even blog from my phone. Maybe. There's some sort of post-by-email thing.

Speaking of writing on my phone, I've been playing with (NAYY) the combination of Daedalus (an iOS app) and Ulysses (a Mac app.)  They're both text editors with bonus features for managing lots of text files, and, since, they're written by the same company, they sync with each other using that cloud thing. So if I have an inspiration for a random ramble while I'm waiting in line at the grocery, I can start to tap it into my phone, and when I get home to my Mac and an actual keyboard, the post fragment is there for me.

Now, the problem with this for general writing purposes is that while I'm perfectly happy to have my blog posts wafting here and there, I'm not as sure about trusting some theoretical future novel to a cloud thing. The very fact that I keep referring to it as a "cloud thing" presumably communicates my uneasiness. There's no logical reason to trust cloud syncing less than I trust email--I should really trust it more--but there it is.


So will I post again tomorrow?

We'll see. Meanwhile, I'm going to tack on a nice cat picture. According to Wikimedia Commons, his name is Noodles.

Image: By Antony Stanley. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Me, I would be happy to read your thoughts with or without illustration, so blog whenever - and about whatever - the mood takes you. That said, Noodles is rather cute. ;)

  2. It depends.

    If you're blogging to attract "sponsors", PR companies, etc. or to demonstrate your blogging skills and use your blog for the writing portfolio, you should make sure everything's presentable, smooth, well-illustrated (so no random cat pictures!) and cross-referenced.

    If you're blogging for yourself (and a handful of friends) - you can even pop in and say "Hi, I'm still here" - and somebody will be glad to read that and smile back.

    I just have to ask! How often do you stand in grocery lines?!


  3. I went for a couple of years without any illustrations, and nobody said a word. Now, of course, everyone wants pictures.

    I figure, if a picture is worth a thousand words, and I average 250 words a post, I should probably have a picture every fourth post or so.

  4. Bwaha! Thanks, Vanessa! I'm always happy when someone is happy to read me.

  5. Yo, Undina! Sponsors, PR, nooooo. I may have vague wanna-be-published-someday ambitions, but if I were going to make this a logical and sensible blog, that ship sailed with the name "ChickenFreak". :) So I'm pretty much blogging for myself.

    Well, not always the grocery line, but there do seem to be a lot of times when I'm thinking of what I *would* write if I could/

  6. Hey, CG! I like that algorithm for pictures. :) I've also considered racking up a bunch of blank posts with pictures and picture credits, choosing random images that I like from Wikimedia Commons, and then letting people try to figure out how the picture maps to the text. I suppose that would be rude. Maybe.