Tuesday, January 8, 2013

SOTD: Love By Kilian


A while ago I wrote a post, Delicious Blandness, about my enjoyment of certain bland flavors. It was mostly about the the chicken that I used to get at Szechuan Garden in Mountain View, pounded-flat chicken with no noticeable flavor other than that of a thick coating of seasame seeds, deep-fried very pale golden brown. Yum. Luckily, I seem to be able to duplicate it at home; it's that simple.

Some perfumes have a similar satisfying blandness. Douce Amere. Boss Woman, of all things. Lann-Ael. Feminite du Bois, when it's in a pencil mood, though not when it's in a spicy mood.

Love By Kilian ought to be one of those perfumes. Luca Turin compares it to meringues and gives it four stars. The Non-Blonde compares it to marshmallows.  People get nostalgia, innocence, deliciously resiny caramel, all sorts of delightful things from this.

I get fruity pink powder. Not deliciously bland, just bland.


Well, if I'm going to be unimpressed by a perfume, it's just as well that it's one of the expensive ones.

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Image: By Young. Wikimedia Commons


  1. I get marshmallows and a headache!

  2. Eep! That's even worse. I rarely seem to get perfume headaches these days; I feel so secure that I'm tempted to retry Habanita, a migraine trigger for me, but a perfume that I love.