Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rambling: Rambling

It's been days and days days since I wrote a blog post.

I fried a chicken day before yesterday.

I wore Cristalle yesterday.

I'm wearing Cuir de Russie today. It's not quite working for me. Is it possible that it's not a winter perfume?

I declared a fabric diet. Nine cuts of fabric are coming in the mail. Dieting isn't so much working.

The less-sugar diet is kind of working. Maybe that's why I'm buying all that fabric.

Not a bit of perfume is coming in the mail, and I haven't set foot on the LuckyScent website in weeks. Possibly months. I seem to be a one-obsession girl.

Silk costs more but takes up less space.

When you search for Wikimedia Commons, the actual Wikimedia Commons site is the fifth in the list. This seems like a flaw.

I'm planning to make a shirt in lime green silk brocade with violet dragons, with violet silk piping. And another in violet linen with lime green piping made from the scraps of the brocade. I really hope one or both of them work. I crave the whacky.

I'm happy with whacky shirts and jackets, but I want skirts to be sober. Why is that?

I need to learn how to fit patterns. The whacky should, ideally, be flawless in every other regard.

That is all.

Image: By Deutche Fotothek. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I can understand that you would wish to keep one half of your body sober, and be wacky in the other. That sounds similar to the principle of showing legs or cleavage (not that I follow it). I show neither, in case that wasn't obvious.

    It is interesting how you are drawn to fabric at the moment. I have been getting really fixated on high end makeup and associated blogs, but have yet to make a purchase.

  2. CF, do you follow Rice's blog?

  3. Yo, Vanessa! Waaaaaaacky! Yes, I suppose that for either skin or whacky, confining oneself to a single exposure both provides a clear and undistracted view of the exposure, and avoids the impression that one has abandoned all standards and should be disregarded altogether.

    I've never been able to appreciate makeup, but I can see how it could provide a very absorbing experience - color, texture, mood, all that. Are we both discovering that perfume, while lovely, has its limits as an obsession?

  4. Yo, Frida! Not that I know of, unless I know it by another name. Can you point me?