Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rambling: Fashion and... who am I?

You know all those posts about whether there are too many perfume blogs out there, whether there's room for so many voices, all that? Yeah; have you seen how many sewing blogs there are? Oh, my. If I go to a perfume blog and follow its blogroll, and then follow its blogroll's blogrolls, I'll very soon find myself linking in circles, already having visited most of the blogs. In the sewing world, the lists of blogs just grow, apparently exponentially.

And I'm not reading those blogs purely for the sake of geeky technical sewing information. I'm paging through them looking at clothes. Looking at dresses. See this post about the Mad Men Dress Challenge? Dresses like that. Mad Men. Downton Abbey.

You understand that this is weird for me, right? My awakening of interest in clothes is something that I can't yet begin to explain. It's been, I admit, an occasional theme through my blog, a weak watery thread, starting 'way back in 2009 with Perfume and Being a Girl. But that doesn't make it any less incomprehensible.  I'm staring at those dresses, wondering if I could ever get as perfect a fit. Wondering what it would be like to own a Little Black Dress. When we went to Manresa restaurant in Los Gatos recently, I looked around the dining room and found myself noting that, "I could wear evening clothes here, if I wanted."

What the what?! Evening cl... who is residing in my brain? Who? Who let her in? And why don't I want her thrown out?

Image: Wikimedia Commons.


Bloody Frida said...

CF, have you come across Rice's blog yet!?

ChickenFreak said...

Ooh! No! Tell me where? Did you already tell me where?

Bloody Frida said...

Here you go! said...

You don't want her thrown out because she's awesome! :)

Are you still interested in blogging about perfume at all? (just curious)

ChickenFreak said...

Thanks, Frida! I'll go look and read.

ChickenFreak said...

Yo, APB! Yes, I expect there'll be some perfume babbling when the seasons settle out. Right now I'm not all that excited about many perfumes, but I seem to recall that that's not unusual when we're going from cold to warm or warm to cold.

Vanessa said...

If it is any consolation, I have recently discovered lipsticks in much the same strange atypical epiphany kind of a way. And today I also heard about a knitter blogger called Deadly Knitscape. How fab is that?

ChickenFreak said...

Hey, Vanessa! Y'know, sometimes I think about lipstick; I wonder if someday I might, like, use one.

Hee. I need to look at that blog.

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