Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rambling: 100+ Reading Challenge Update

I signed up for the 100+ Reading Challenge again this year, and I'm up to sixty-nine books. That's at least ten books below where I should be -- and that's ignoring the fact that NaNoWriMo is likely to dominate all of November.

So why am I spending all this time on the web? And what am I doing re-reading books? If I must re-read books, why won't I ever re-read the whole thing so I can count the book? And why do I keep dipping into gardening books without finishing them? I've read and re-read large portions of Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades, and The Resilient Gardener, and An American Cutting Garden, and The Flower Farmer but I haven't finished any of them. A couple of hours devoted to reading the bits I skipped would probably give me four more books for my tally. (Ha! I just finished the last bits of Gardening Without Irrigation, and my count is seventy!)

And if I'd just stop re-reading Ammie, Come Home, and put a new-to-me novel by the tub instead, I'd be regularly racking up novels just with bubble-bath time. Certain books serve as security blankets for me, and the books in Barbara Michaels' Georgetown series are high on the list.

And, does Bread and Jam for Frances count?

I'm just asking.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I've signed up with Netgalley and suddenly my list of books I read this year is growing. :)
    But, I've been doing some re-reading too. Well, mostly HP. I just can't seem to help myself (it's my go to series when life gets too hard for me).

  2. Oh, that's interesting. I've never heard of NetGalley.

    Yep, I love re-reading. I suppose that a re-read book would count if I read it from beginning to end, but I rarely do - I read my favorite bits.