Sunday, September 26, 2010

SOTD: Creed Love In Black

Apparently I'm doing Fall Cleaning, because yet again I wore a scent with the intention of confirming that I don't like it. And, yep, it's confirmed. I once liked Love In Black - I bought a bottle, and I didn't buy it unsniffed. But I did buy it without working my way through even a small decant, and therefore the regret is predictable.

I thought that my occasional halfhearted reaction post-purchase was due to the iris. Since I've learned to love iris in several forms since the last time I wore Love In Black, I was hoping for a turnaround on this fragrance. But the reverse happened - I learned to love iris in concert with incense and leather and galbanum and generally dark or threatening things. Violets? Nooooo. I could tolerate violets with the scent of pencil erasers - that was pleasantly amusing. Now that I know that those pencil erasers are iris, it's all over.

Yes, I realize that it's love in black, and therefore maybe it thinks it's dark, but I don't. It's bright and sweet and the fact that it's a little sad doesn't help. Reference decant, bottle leaving.

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Image: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I have buyer's remorse over a bottle of LIB too, having tried it just as often as you - ie not enough. It's the tarry top note that troubles me; the drydown isn't half bad, but I daren't wear it in public for at least two hours, which poses logistical issues.

    Perhaps we should set up a stall, selling our reject bottles? I'll post mine to you - I know what you're like.

  2. Hey, flittersniffer! Hmm, that's interesting. "Tarry", as you can probably guess, sounds great to me. :) Not that it will make me keep the bottle, but I need to try it one more time to seek that smell.

    Yes! Like a lemonade stand!