Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SOTD: Shiseido Feminite du Bois

On the "get back on the horse" theory, I'm wearing Feminite du Bois today. No headache! But on this relatively warm day, it's not at its best. This may be a winter scent.

It appears that I prefer winter scents - they're vastly over-represented in my collection. It's perhaps unfortunate that I don't live somewhere colder.

And that seems to be all that I have to say, today, about my favorite cedar scent.

Review Roundup: Is here.

Photo: By Corrie Barklimore. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. LOL! Alaska is only up the road... : - )

  2. Phew!! Afraid we'd lost you there...

    I love FdB as a scent, but it's one of those fragrances that seems fragile and unapproachable to me. I'm from peasant stock, so it's not really "wearable," if you know what I mean. I think a woman with far more refined bone structure and smaller pores would wear this.

  3. Hey, flittersniffer! Hee. I guess actually moving to optimize my perfume experience would be a little insane.

    Ah, LCN, I definitely don't qualify with the bone structure and the good pores. But, see, there's the "pencil scent" view of FdB rather than the "ethereal elfin scent". Smelling like a new pencil doesn't make me feel as if I need to fulfill any particular prerequisites.

  4. LOL!! I agree with the "pencil scent" view - pencil and spicy plum...

  5. This one has too much cedar for me. Not enough spicy plum, I guess. Oh well.

    But I want to talk some more (or you to talk some more ;D) about the Tasting Menu Approach. Loved the last two sentences: "Maybe it's not that I should stop sampling and make up my mind. Maybe it's that I should stop making up my mind and broaden my sampling." I've thought this myself many times. But I am seduced by bottles. How can we make our sample vials and decants more appealing so that they seem as special as owning a bottle?

    If I'm honest with myself, I realize that owning a tiny amount of many fragrances is enough. And that what's truly the adventure is having smelled all those different things. But all those bags of samples are just not aesthetically pleasing. Can we discuss this more?

  6. flittersniffer, some days I don't get the plum at all - just pure pencil. I think I like those days best. Is that weird?

  7. Hey, Debby!

    I like pretty much all cedar, so that's good for me.

    I could post more burbling about the tasting menu theory, no doubt, yep. At least, on a day when my brain is fully operational, which today does not seem to be. :)

    I do agree that samples are rarely really attractive, yes. I remember a picture of a lovely sample case... yes! Here:

    Now, that's a pretty nice-looking set of samples. Though it looks like they have the same brute-force-removal caps as most sample vials, which have always struck me as being an aesthetically displeasing experience. Rip off the cap, usually releasing a few micro-drops of fragrance, try to get some perfume out without spilling the whole thing, and force the cap back on. Unsatisfying.

    The itty bitty screwcap jars that Aftelier samples come in are nicer, but I assume that they're more expensive.

  8. I have that Penhaligon set of samples! The caps are not too hard to get off in fact, but I agree that small spray vials are much nicer.

    I used to have a few screwcap jars of Aftelier samples but I really worried that they would leak, I don't know why. They are gone now, so not my problem, but I have received similar style containers in swaps and I worry about them instead.

  9. FdB is so iffy on me - it goes through a stretch of a couple of hours where I can't smell it. And I perceive it as being very shadowy. I love (the related) Dolce Vita, though.

  10. Hey, flittersniffer! I'm jealous; those samples are adorable.

    I was similarly worried about the Aftelier bottles, and kept them in their own baggie, but they haven't leaked yet. (Well, I think I've given them away by now, but I tumbled them around for a long time, and they were fine.)

    That's interesting, Mals; it's almost too strong for me lately, especially when the plum is showing itself.