Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SOTD: Bacon Fat

OK, no, there is no perfume named Bacon Fat. As far as I know. (I just checked Demeter, to see, because if one exists, I must have it.)

But the day got away from me without my choosing a perfume, and this evening I'm doing some advance cooking for a party. Including a panful of bacon. (For crumbles.) And you know how the bacon microfog gets on everything, including the cook's shirt. So, yes, I am bacon scented.

Mmmm. Bacon.

(The photo? A chocolate bacon cupcake. No, it's not what I'm cooking, but if I had a recipe...)

Photo: By It's Holly. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. You actually make it sound better than it could be. I usually smell of baby food. Or something worse!

  2. Hee. :) Yep, there are far, far worse smells than bacon.

  3. We have a saying around our house: everything tastes better with bacon!! (Bazr is a non-observant Jew and we have two dogs, making the phrase doubly and triply true!)

  4. Remember that old commercial for Beggin' Strips where the dog smells bacon and runs frantically around the kitchen looking for it? ("Bacon bacon bacon, where's the bacon, not in there, only one thing smells like bacon and that's BACON! Bacon bacon, what's in the bag - I CAN'T READ!") At our house, we repeat the "Only one thing smells like bacon, and that's bacon" line. Mmm.

  5. Didn't Luca Turin say that bacon is what men really want to smell of/on women? I can't recall the exact quote. Though as well as eschewing all fragrance, Mr Bonkers also passes on bacon, being a lifelong - and acutely suspicious - vegetarian.

  6. LCN, Yes! Yes! Bacon! I dislike many forms of pork, but bacon is entirely different.

    Mals, I love that ad. :) When seeking bacon at the grocery, I often hear the dog's voice in my head.

    Yes! flittersniffer, I had to grab The Guide and search out the quote. It turns out that it was in Tania Sanchez's part of the introductory articles:

    "The question that women casually shopping for perfume ask more than any other is this: 'What scent drives men wild?' After years of intense research, we know the definitive answer: It is bacon. Now, on to the far more interesting subject of perfume."