Saturday, February 20, 2010

SOTD: Bois 1920 Sushi Imperiale

Sushi Imperiale is a lovely scent that some compare to various carbonated beverages - root beer, ginger beer, Dr. Pepper. This means that in theory it should be fine, even ideal, for warm weather.  For me, however, Sushi Imperiale has always been ice, snow, sleds, and spice cookies. In other words, a winter scent, though a bright, glittering winter scent, not a warm-blankie one.

So after confirming that the season is right for Cristalle, today I decided to see if it's wrong for Sushi Imperiale.  I had a faint hope that it would work, and that I could happily wear it in the spring.

Sadly, no. Today, it's just a picture of the scent that I love in winter - clearly recognizable, but not the same. Ice, but without the sun and fire.

Now I know, and I'll tuck it away safely until winter.

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  1. You are on a Cristalle kick!! ("Cristalle Fever!!")

    I just smelled SI for the first time the other day-- what a head-scratcher!! I'm interested to read that you connote either hot or cold weather to it. To be honest, I'm not sure what I think...

    It may end up being one of those scents that I like a whole lot-- just not on my person. Thanks for the soda connection, though. I can smell that!

  2. Still haven't tried SI yet.

    The weather here is much warmer - in the 40's - but there's still snow on the ground, so I'm not quite ready for springy scents yet. And yet my spicefests seem wrong lately. What's right? Climat, which is a green-white floral made warm by civet. Parfum Sacre, any tuberose scent, and Dark Roses.

  3. LCN, if you get a chance try Sushi Imperiale again on the coldest day that you can manage. It loses its glitter when it's warm. I find myself visualizing it in cold weather as a exploding fire-sparklies frolicking above, and admiring their reflections in, a pool of basenotes. In warm weather, the sparklies are down _in_ the basenotes pool, getting soggy.

    Ooh, Mals, Climat sounds lovely. That would have fit in beautifully during my between-seasons nothing's-right period.