Sunday, September 25, 2016

Harvest: Parch Corn!

I grew parch corn!

You're not excited enough.


Are you excited yet? I can get louder.

Specifically, Supai Red parch corn. This is my second time trying to grow it, and many years of wanting to try it.

Now, I haven't technically "tried" it yet, because I haven't parched any. I tried and failed. I think it needs to dry a while longer.

What is parching, you may ask? I'm not actually sure; my understanding is that it's something almost, but not entirely, unlike popcorn. Or sort of like puffed rice You heat it and it "poofs." I think.

It's beautiful, isn't it? I was hoping for a couple of ears, but instead I got about forty. So, yay!

If it never parches, it's still flour corn. Apparently all parch corn is flour corn. (But not all flour corn is parch corn.) So I'll find a way to grind it.

Anyway, yay!

That is all.

Images: Mine.


  1. so COOL! I actually thought it was a failed corn crop, so this is great great news that it supposed to look -well- parched. Researching grinding as i type!

  2. Howdy! I missed this! Or I responded to email? Anyway, yay! And I'm interested in the Vitamix. All but the ornamental ears are now shelled and finishing their air-drying on sheet pans, with me trying to figure out how to tell when they're done drying.