Monday, February 1, 2016

Rambling: The blog name. Just because.

So I changed the blog title to Rambling Chicken. That is, this blog title. I have the other blog that's...

Y'know, I'm going to do a timeline. Not that anyone cares, but I'm whacky.
  • In October 2009, I created this blog and called it Chickenfreak's Obsessions,
  • In January, 2010 (Really? That soon?) I created another blog, Rambling Chicken, I was going to focus ChickenFreak's Obsessions on perfume and put all the other stuff--gardening, books, fried chicken, fiction, and so on--on that one.
  • Sometime around that time Himself bought me the domain
  • In November, 2011 I decided that the spinoff had been a bad idea, and I started blogging about everything on this blog. I left a bunch of old posts on Rambling Chicken. I occasionally think of moving them here, and then I wonder about the advice that having the same content in two places is sometimes punished by search engines, and then I remember that I've never done much about search engine results anyway, and then I take a nap.
  • Sometime around that time we presumably pointed toward Chickenfreak's Obsessions. I don't know why. 
  • In December 2015 I had a Brilliant Brainstorm! I would post about fried chicken restaurants on Rambling Chicken! Yay!
  • Then I posted twice and lost interest. Hmm.
  • Then, two or three days ago, while once again puzzling over a name for this blog, I decided that, y'know, Rambling Chicken was a pretty decent name. So I changed the title of this blog.
  • So now points to a Blogspot blog named Rambling Chicken whose "real" URL is  And the blog whose "real" URL is is sitting out there saying, "What about me?! That was MY name!"
  • Now I'm spending a few weeks deciding whether I like the name. And then I'll probably figure out how to switch from a situation where redirects to, to the reverse. And maybe I'll move all of Rambling Chicken's content into this blog. Or maybe I'll rename that blog, oh, Rambling Annex, or something.
  • Then I'll see if my already-weak search engine presence faaaaaades away.
  • But I'll have a name that's fifteen percent less silly?
  • Is it worth it?
That is all.

Oh, that up there? That's another selfie.  Try to identify me! Just try! Bwahahahaha!


That really is all.

Image: Mine.


  1. That's a House of Mirrors at a funfair-type selfie! ;0

  2. Yes! Hah! I think I'm going to make incomprehensible selfies a Thing.