Friday, February 5, 2016

Rambling: Rambling

I think Flowerpot Girl (above) was on my blog years ago. The is an old photo; I can't seem to find her right now. I hope that I'll find her someday in a clump of weeds.


It's been weeks and weeks (and weeks. and weeks. and (sigh) weeks.) since I drank a Coke, so I'm going to the next step: Starting this weekend, I plan to stop adding sugar to my iced tea. Or, well, to anything, but iced tea, and once in a long while hot tea, is the only thing I add it to. I'll go with that until the desperate craving fades, and then I'll go on to the next habit to break. Just to make it clear, this isn't about eliminating sugar, it's about eliminating the habit of sugaring things.

(Hmm. What will I do when the summer strawberries come in? Hmmm.)

The photography continues. The ethical quandary continues. So this weekend I'll probably photograph more cars and shiny windows.


Yeah, this post appears to be extra firmly in the "post something" category. So I'll stop here.

Image: Mine.

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