Monday, February 1, 2016

Rambling: Photography again

So, I went out with the camera, while still debating those pesky ethical issues. The issues about photographing people without their permission. Those issues. So I decided to photograph non-people things, like...portraits of little tiny cars.

And reflections of the mountains, in windows:

And reflections of buildings in the windows of other buildings.

And ducks. You've got to have ducks. Quack.

I want to photograph people. I really do. I'll have to figure this out.

That is all. Maybe. But I already said that once today.

Images: Mine.


  1. Is that house listing to starboard?

    Looks a little bit San Franciscan...

  2. Hee. I assume that's the camera, but I'm curious to go look now.

    Yeah, it does have that vibe. It's a not-very-Ashland sort of house.