Monday, March 18, 2013

Perfume: Random Thoughts

When Coco Noir came out I was afraid that Chanel's perfume history was over. Today I'm wearing three (sample) sprays of 1932. (EDITED FOR FTC DISCLOSURE: I GOT THE SAMPLE FOR FREE. FREE, I TELL YOU, FREE.) I'm not worried about Chanel any more. I'll write a proper review one of these days, but meanwhile, just to be on the record: It's good stuff.

I'm still thinking of buying Din Dan. Tapdancy lemons. Yum.

Have I mentioned the Neighborhood Sample Swap? I don't think I have. I really need to write a post about it.

Kitty feet!

OK, that's all I've got.

Edited to add Footnote: Returning to the FTC disclosure realm, I received a free sprayer sample of 1932, along with tiny samples of cologne, mascara, and some kind of cream, from a kindly Chanel rep, I believe in the context of my role as a customer (I bought a Les Exclusifs bottle from said rep's store) rather than a blogger. Does this mean that I'm not allowed to praise the perfume until I buy a full bottle? Am I not allowed to even then, because I once received some for free? Can I say sheesh?


  1. I think you can and should say what you like, whatever the circumstances of your happy acquisition. : - ) Glad you like this one - I have a split on the way, purchased with ready money. My attempts to blag a sample in Glasgow recently were fruitless.

  2. The FTC has said that we do not have to disclose if the free sample was acquired in that manner (e.g., not at all in connection with our blog). Glad you like it!

  3. Yo, Vanessa! I'll no doubt be my opinionated self anyway, but I still look at the FTC with puzzled eyebrows when they make all these regulations for blogs, and apparently(?) have nothing whatsoever to say about magazines that rhapsodize about products in what are supposed to be editorial pages.

    I hmph at Glasgow. But I think you'll be happy with the split.

  4. Yo, Natalie! OK, then, cool. I found myself wondering precisely how I would _prove_ that fact. Of course, I'd guess that the FTC would be chasing people who got much bigger and more exciting free things.