Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sewing: Bwahaha! (That collar)

Remember that collar? The Hot Patterns notched collar that rated a nine-page thread on PatternReview and a very fine tutorial on Off the Cuff? The one that defeated me and destroyed a perfectly nice rayon Dolman Blouse?


At least, half a bwahaha. The good part is that with the aid of that tutorial, I got a half-decent looking version of this collar done.

The bad news is that I somehow managed to attach it to the wrong side of the shirt - a muslin mock-shirt, so there's no tragedy there. I'm just startled that I managed to get the whole thing constructed and half of it pressed before I realized that it was wrong side around.

But all the same, I proudly clothed a pillow with the result (I only cut the shirt pieces down to the middle upper arm, because the collar is all I care about) and present a photo, above. I should now be able to produce an adequate Hot Patterns Plain & Simple Princess Shirt. At least, if I can remember to put the collar on the correct side.


Photo: Mine.


  1. I admire your dressmaking determination and thought "That 'bad news' rings a bell!"

    I'm not experienced at making clothes but took it upon myself to convert a lovely Liberty-print "sew it yourself" cotton skirt to make a tunic, using an old t-shirt in the exact right shade of red to make full sleeves. Then I trimmed and attached the sleeves the wrong way up, so the seams show uppermost on the arms. And then I bodged finishing the collar for good measure. Result: a tunic only fit for wearing at home. Ah me!

    So keep on going as you're doing better than me!

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I once sewed the back half of a pair of pants, onto the front half, inside out (three times in a row). Those pants sucked anyway.

  3. Hey, Anna! Oh, dear. Though if it was wearable even at home, that's not a complete failure; most of my failures wouldn't be wearable at all.

  4. Yo, Kyle! More oh, dear. I think that pants sometimes set out to hypnotize. I've never made any for wearing outside the house, but even for pajamas I've found that I actually have to machine-baste almost every seam before really sewing it, or I _will_ be ripping out a seam. (I end up ripping out a basted seam or two, still, but at least that's a lot easier.)