Monday, April 11, 2011

Rambling: Rearranging the Furniture

When I was a kid, every few months I would rearrange my room, just for the sake of rearranging. I'd haul chair and bureau and desk and bookshelf around (the bed was too big to move) and move stuff from drawers to shelves and from shelves to drawers, and put the little Japanese dolls where the ceramic elephant was, and so on.

Lately, as I slowly return to the blogs after my semi-absence, I've been thinking of making changes. I'm thinking of reincorporating Rambling Chicken with ChickenFreak's Obsession. Or ChickenFreak's Obsession with Rambling Chicken. I've already created a WordPress version of Declutter Of The Day, though I have yet to post there. I wondered why I wanted to do this, but now I realize that there is no why--it's just time to rearrange.

Will I actually change anything? I dunno; I'm waiting to see.

Image: By SOCIALisBETTER. Wikimedia Commons.

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