Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rambling: About to be submerged

So, just as the flurry and chaos settles down, it's time for the Ashland Independent Film Festival!

We attend every year, and while I might be inclined to a fairly low-key level of attendance, Himself is firmly in favor of attending every single time slot. Five days, five time slots a day, minus tomorrow morning. (So what's going on tomorrow morning, huh? That's what we want to know. Are there more important people than us getting special private screenings, huh, huh?) And usually more than one film per time slot.

I'm looking forward to dozens of films washing all of my personal fuss and flurry out of my head. We'll see if I blog madly about them, or vanish entirely until Tuesday. (And which blog to blog in? Last year all my AIFF posts were in The Other Blog. Is this becoming my general blog again? Is the daily Scent Of The Day gone forever? What's the deal here? If I don't know, who does? Do these blogs get good gas mileage?)

Image: Wikimedia Commons.

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