Friday, July 23, 2010

SOTD: Chanel Cristalle EDT

Ramble One: I have a policy about perfume backups. I've mentioned this before. While I may admire other people's squadrons of bottles, I'm too hoarding-inclined to risk such a collection myself. So my policy is to own only one bottle of each fragrance, and to make that the very smallest size available.

But I have four bottles of Cristalle. Two minis and two full-size. And I'm keeping them all. So there.

Ramble Two: Tomorrow is Last Saturday. Bwahahaha.

Ramble Three: It's Friday. My brain has agreed to cancel its plans for escaping from my head, if I agree to stop writing code until Monday. (Have you ever dreamed in a programming language? It's very unpleasant. I can't blame my brain for rebelling.) So it's nap time.

Review Roundup: Is here.

Image: By Simplicius. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Well, now I'll have to try Cristalle again. i think I sniffed it early in my perfume days and didn't get it.

    You poor thing with code dreams! I'm not really a code monkey, but I do spend a lot of time cleaning up HTML for accessibility and sometimes I find I'm trying to end all my thoughts in a dream with backslash tags ;)

  2. You go, girl! How is it that you ended up with so many bottles of Cristalle? There must be an interesting story behind this.

  3. I had a bottle of Cristalle and sold it to a perfumisto in Canada, which I now rather regret.

    "Last Saturday" means you and Himself running amok in the shops, as I recall. Do let us know what you come home with!

  4. I don't blame you for the serious backup Cristalle. It is gorgeous!

    especially since I find it needs reapplication rather often...

  5. Hey, K! Ah, yes, try it again. If you can, try a bottle that's two or three years old; I hear sad rumors that it's been reformulated.

    And, yes, yes, code and dreams just don't go together. Dreams embrace the abstract, and when that abstract is code, oh, noooo, it's just not good sleep.

    Yo, Josephine! Well, I bought a mini, and fell madly madly in love with it, and bought another mini for travel. And then while I was still in the throes of being newly madly in love with the scent, I heard the reformulation rumors and panicked, and promptly sent off for two two-ounce bottles. :) I haven't, yet, even used up the equivalent of one of the minis.

    One of the full bottles is currently in the fridge. I really hope that someday when I run out of all the others, I don't open it and find that it's been invaded by onion scent.

    Howdy, flittersniffer! Go buy more? But if you didn't love it, you may not love it. I occasionally think that my weird nose, the one that makes me dislike some things, makes Cristalle especially good to me, because even folks that love it sometimes (not always) describe it in a way that I almost don't recognize. And the notes list always claims that it doesn't have galbanum, and I _know_ I smell galbanum in there.

    Yes! Shopping day! I will Update if I end up with anything spiffy. :)

    Greetings, LBV! It is fabulous. I can't imagine anything that would console me for losing either it or No. 19. And, yep, it disappears pretty quickly, or at least goes so subtle that you're not quite sure it's still there.