Friday, April 2, 2010

SOTD: None

Today, I'm likely to be sitting close to people, so I refrain from perfume.

I need a Cone Of Scent, so that I can appreciate my perfume privately in public places.

The picture? Completely off topic. It was the Wikimedia Commons Picture Of The Day today, and I thought it was beautiful.

Image: By Steve Jurvetson. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. It is a both a gorgeous shell and a beautiful piccie.


    Publish or Perish

  2. Although I like big, loud scent, I only like to apply small amounts to my wrist and then sniff it in at intervals. So my Cone of Scent is limited to my wrist. But then there's the whole slightly Hannibal Lectorish thing of incessantly sniffing one's own flesh that can be kind of off-putting...

  3. Chicken_Freak, I want to take a this pause in your SOTD to tell you again how much I like your blog. I wish you liked coffee because you'd have fun experiencing the aroma of it.

    Today I was at a coffee cupping, and one coffee was Sanani (a cherished coffee from the Yemen growing region) and that coffee is known for it's wine and spice aroma. Today it really did smell like red wine! It was amazing. The other coffee is a far less established coffee from a very small fair-trade cooperative in Rwanda, and the barista said, "it smells like meat! It's like dog food, in a good way!".

    And yes that is a fun pic from Wikepedia commons.

  4. Howdy, Al! Yes, isn't it gorgeous?

    Hey, LCN! I loved the Hannibal Lector remark, and so did Himself. He frequently has to beg me to please, for the love of whoever, _stop_ sniffing my arms in public. :)

    Howdy do, Melody! For what it's worth I've considered trying to like coffee more often since I've started reading your blog, than ever before. But so far, it's still hot chocolate for me. :)

    Coffee with wine and meat notes does sound very interesting.