Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SOTD: Annick Goutal Heure Exquise, and puzzlement

I read about this on Muse in Wooden Shoes, and for some reason walked away with the idea that it was hard to get. Trying a tester at Neiman Marcus and finding that they didn't actually have a bottle for sale cemented the impression, plus I loved it. So when I saw it on BeautyEncounter, I promptly ordered some. It arrived today. Now I suspect that it's not all that hard to get, but, hey, I've got it.

But today I'm highly disconcerted to find that I'm not enjoying it. Today, it's all aggressive powder. But I recall that I was dubious about Jasmin 17 the other day, and I wonder if I'm oversensitive to powder right now.

So I'm going to review it properly another day.

Review Roundup: Muse in Wooden Shoes and Aromascope and I Smell Therefore I Am and 1000 Fragrances and Perfume Shrine and Basenotes and MakeupAlley and Fragrantica and EauMG and Bois de Jasmin and then there's a lot of sheet music clogging up my Google searching.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Oh, the first two times I wore HE I didn't like it at all. Drrrry, I said, not "aggressively powdery," but I can see where that concept came from. I have to be in the mood for iris to enjoy it.

  2. Funny how perception can vary from day to day. I've learned to stop writing reviews within the first few hours of trying something - it can be a big mistake. I cringe when I look back on some of the rave reviews that I gave. Now I really road test something a few times before writing a word.

  3. Hey, Mals. Oh, good. I was a little worried; it always makes me twitchy when my first wearing from a full bottle doesn't work.

    Greetings, SignatureScent! Yeah, I'm increasingly hesitant to commit. I still write, because I do the scent every day, but now I'll often pause before doing a full-sized review.

  4. I flip flop over HE myself for this very reason, but think on balance it may be more of a winter scent, as most of my iris ones are.

  5. Hey, flittersniffer! Yes, that may be the answer - what's warm and juicy in winter can seem dry and, well, dry in the summer. And I did try it several weeks ago, when it was much cooler.