Saturday, April 3, 2010

SOTD: Lorenzo Villoresi Musk

This one continues to puzzle me. The combination of soap, galbanum, and geranium is iffy for the first hour, leading me to fear that I may dislike it. Then it settles out, and I quite like it again.


And, see, that's all I can find to say. What is wrong with me? Has my perfume muse run away? Has it been bullied away by the barely waking fiction muse? Or is it just the ongoing spring perfume thing?

I offer pictorial soap bubbles. And amble off to the other blog to, perhaps, write about fiction writing.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. "Soap, galbanum and geranium?" Huh. Huh, huh, and huh. All I smell is rose, sandalwood and "white" (soapy) musk. And I love it!!

  2. Howdy, LCN!

    I'd guess that for me, white musk=soap, rose=geranium, and... OK, I dunno about the galbanum versus the sandalwood. :) I don't actually know if the rosy-geranium note that I'm smelling _is_ geranium, I've just seen a trend where rose notes that I don't like much sometimes tend to be described as really being geranium. And I think that geranium is in the notes list.

    I did love it later on, and I'm hoping that frequent wearing will reconcile me to white musk, because I'd really like to like, or at least be indifferent to, white musk. It would open up a lot of perfumes.