Monday, January 11, 2016

Rambling: Rambling

Well, that was a long pause.

As I sit down to write another "it's been long enough" post, I find myself wondering what stops me from writing a post. It's not perfectionism--at least, not the normal brand of perfectionism. It's not that I actually demand that I have something to say, or that I say it in an artistic or even workmanlike manner.

Sometimes it's that I don't have time to find a cat picture.

Sometimes it's that I feel stupid having a subject line of "Rambling: Rambling" yet again.

Sometimes it's that I feel that I have an actual topic, but I don't quiiite have enough brain power to write that topic, but it's like it's in the queue so I can't write random rambling.

Sometimes it's that I feel that I should be writing fiction instead. I don't write the fiction--I'm more likely to wander off and eat chicken--but I don't write the post anyway.

Sometimes it's that I feel silly writing what is essentially a diary of nonsense. That one, I suppose, is perfectionism.

OK, I suppose they're all perfectionism, in thin disguises.

So, anyway, here I am.

Except I wrote all this about a week ago. And still no posting.

So I'm just gonna hit Publish.


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