Monday, June 18, 2012

Rambling: Summer perfumes and other topics

The summer perfumes are out of their breadbox. Today I'm wearing Issey Miyake A Scent. Sometimes I like it better than greens with much finer pedigrees. Should I be ashamed?

A few days ago, I wore Fresh Lemon Sugar, after being reminded of it by Frida's post and by a friend who wanted advice on citrus scents.

I recently wore Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint, my Sweaty Work scent, while we worked to conquer the weed patch that was last year's garden. Actually, it's no longer a weed patch; we've got a pretty nice handle on it. We're even progressing to drip irrigation. At least, I consider it progress. Admittedly, the year's harvest will probably be worth less than the drippers cost, but I'm considering it a recreational expense. And eating a perfectly red strawberry that came off the plant ten seconds ago is an experience that's hard to price.

I'm probably going to buy a bottle of Din Dan. I mentioned before that it's the lemony summer counterpart to Sushi Imperiale's gingery winter tapdancing happiness. This will be my first bottle purchase in a long time.

I continue to read far more books than I was reading when participating in the 100+ book challenge. I'm just contrary.

I bought a fitted dress pattern that stops above the knee. This is not like me. I also bought a length of gorgeous slightly glossy linen in an impractical shade of blue. This is exactly like me. Not the sewing it up; it's the buying that's like me. I hope I sew it up.

The fitted dress may not be quite as much trouble to fit as it would have been before. It turns out that when you stop drinking multiple gallons of milk every week, and also mostly cut out sugar, you lose some weight. Who knew?

I keep meaning to write more Story A Day stories. It's far too late to actually do the challenge as defined--it was over in May. So I've redefined it as writing thirty-one stories, each started and finished in one day, but not necessarily every day.


That is all.

Image: By OscarPremium. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. oh darn, blogger ate my comment. Anyhoo, I'm going to wear Lemon Sugar today - it's super humid! Thanks for the link-love!

    Other than my veggie garden, all the other beds are weed farms. Sigh!!!!

  2. I am intrigued to learn what your impractical shade of blue might be? Something rather too pale, I am guessing, applying the white trouser principle?