Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gardening: Tillers Good

I've never used a tiller before. We always hand-dug everything--or, as in the case of the big vegetable garden, hired someone to clear the area.

Today we used a friend's tiller. Well, another friend used the friend's tiller; I just played with it for a minute or two. She tilled (lemme calculate) somewhere between one hundred and two hundred square feet, in a couple of afternoon hours. I never want to garden without a tiller again.


OK, that's all. It just seemed past time to Post Something.

Image: By Techcherry. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Is that by any chance like a hoe? : - )

    "Tilling" sounds almost Biblical, in a nice way!

  2. soo envious - we are about to start a new garden bed and I am NOT looking forward to all the digging!

  3. Hey, Vanessa! No, it's big, electric, and will cut your foot off if you don't pay attention. But, wow, it digs!

    The hoeing comes after the tilling and planting, and I'm really really trying to stop myself from tilling and planting more than I can keep hoed. Having access to more land than I can tend is such a new concept that it's hard to show restraint.

  4. Yo, Frida! I'd offer to lend it to you, if it weren't for that hundreds of miles and I-don't-own-the-tiller thing. :)

  5. we tilled last year. This year I hoed just the rows I wanted (wanted to keep the rest of the soil compacted for the gravel paths I put down). That first till is a wonderful thing!