Monday, December 15, 2014

Rambling: Rambling

The post lulls are getting longer. I need to write more.

Of course, Christmas vacation is coming up. I might write. I hope to write. I would say I plan to write, but I can see that plan being all weak and watery. I might even, y'know, write.  Like, toward someday maybe possibly getting something published. Rather than instantly throwing it on the blog. Or I might not.

I'm threatening to buy a bottle of perfume. I can't remember what it's called. That displays a certain lack of commitment, doesn't it?

Oh, yeah! Yosh White Flowers perfume oil. That's it. I keep thinking it's Kai, not Yosh. But it's so very powerful that I could probably make it my exclusive scent for months, based on one sample. So what would I do with a whole 8ml? I guess I could give some of it away. 

We were in Portland recently. I had fried chicken at Tilt, and fried chicken at The Imperial, and fried chicken at Pink Rose, and fried chicken skin from Nong's Khao Man Gai. We didn't get to Parish (fried chicken) or Screen Door (fried chicken) or The Original (fried chicken). But we probably will next time.

Yes, there are other things on the menus. Probably. I see them on other people's plates. Including Himself's. And sometimes I order a vegetable to add color to the plate.

Oh, and at Dime Store I had chicken salad. With greens. That was weird. It was also an error; the greens were mostly arugula and radicchio. I'll go back to the restaurant, but I think they should define it as "bitter greens", not just greens.

I didn't have any chicken wings. I might fry some.

The newlyish released movie Wild was partly filmed (OK, for one day) in Ashland. My town. Well, my town when I'm not bonding with Portland's fried chicken resources. I'll probably see it over Christmas break. Assuming it's still showing.

Himself started the first fire in the fireplace of the year. Yay!

A tree fell on our roof in the recent windstorm. Boo! At least it was a many-limbed vaselike tree, one that landed on the house in a spread-out, springy kind of way, rather than smashing through the roof. And it didn't break the stained glass window that was very close by in one direction, or the heat pump that was very close by in another direction, or any of the windows very close by in both directions. Really, we should be pleased. Relatively.


That is all.


  1. Glad the tree didn't do more damage - that was a narrow squeak. I was felled by my own Christmas tree yesterday, as I was attempting to prop it up in a bucket of stones. Some mossy green mud smeared my pale green sofa slightly but miraculously I fetched the worst off with damp kitchen towel.

    I was reading about Wild only yesterday - there was an interview with Nick Hornby in Saturday's Times. He has another film coming out, if it isn't already out, that is. I am so behind with films. And evidently even further behind with my fried chicken consumption, though I had three breaded breast pieces at a KFC in London the other night. If fast fried chicken also counts?

  2. Bad tree! Lucky the sofa was green?

    CHICKEN! Yes, fast fried chicken counts. If I were to start being picky about chicken, I'd have to say that only pan-fried bone-in chicken counts, and then no chicken would count, because nobody sells that. Which is sad.