Thursday, August 9, 2012

SOTD: Eau D'Italie Paestum Rose

I wanted to like Paestum Rose.

I failed, and resolved to give it away.

It didn't go away. It spent time in the Giveaway Ziploc and the Giveaway Shoebox. I don't remember if all of the people that I thrust those containers at ("Want some? Sure you do!") turned it down, or if I extracted it before making the offer. I suspect the second because, as I say, I wanted to like it. Badly.

After a few weeks of walking past the Giveaway Shelf and feeling its resentful eyes on me, I finally returned it to the collection. And I wore it today.

I liked it a fraction better than I did before--it's upgraded to "Interesting." rather than "Bitter. Eew." But I'm not there yet.

Image: By Vaikoovery. Wikimedia Commons.

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