Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rambling: Weeeeeeeeeeeekend!

It's the weekend. Friday night. The night before Saturday. The time when I don't have to work for about sixty hours. The opportunity to take two evening bubble baths without the knowledge that work looms in the morning. And look at the post-midnight clock and say, "Meh; I can sleep late."



That is all.

Image: By Yoky. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Oh yes, the weekend! Still recovering from my business trip to Las Vegas. Hey, I've got one of those:
    Wish I could do it as well as they do...
    Happy weekend!

  2. whoo hoo! I love that the weather is cooling down because that means time for bubble baths!

  3. Hey, Cupcake! Oh, that is a relaaaxed cat. I'm sleepier now.

  4. Yo, Carol! Ah, yes, bubbles. I've been tempted to turn the air conditioning colder just to justify the hot bath. But that would be Wrong. Right?

  5. I wish I was a cat sometimes, they have the best life - sleep whenever you want, get feed, cuddles and nobody expects you to be happy all the time. In fact people expect you to be a little bitchy and still think you're cute :)

  6. Yo, Angel! Yes; a life of moving from napping on the couch to napping on the spot of sun on the floor to napping in the warm clothes fresh out of the dryer, with an occasional ten minutes of frantic exercise chasing a pingpong ball across the floor, sounds pretty nice right now.