Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blogging: Blogging

What's the deal? Why aren't I blogging? What? What?

Maybe it's that no-new-perfume-until-August thing.

Maybe I need a nap.

Maybe it's insufficient milk.

Maybe it's too much caffeine.

Maybe my brain was stolen by aliens.

Maybe it's a Communist Plot.

Maybe I sent my brain out for cleaning and forgot to pick it up.

Maybe I never wrote all those posts and they were all a delusion.

Maybe it's not possible to garden and blog in the same week.

Maybe I really am posting but then it's wiped from my memory, like those critters on Doctor Who.

Maybe I'm a squirrel.

Maybe the earth is flat.

Maybe all chicken was replaced by Soylent Green.

Maybe maybe.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Anonymous said...Where do you send your brain for cleaning? Mine's all gunked up and needs a pressure wash!

    Blogging about not blogging is still blogging! ;)


  2. I miss your blogging. Sad face.

  3. Hey howdy, JoanElaine! See, the problem with sending your brain out for cleaning is that until it comes back, you can't remember where it went. Maybe I should have sprung for the home delivery option?

  4. Yo, Frida! I suppose I could just keep on with the blogging about not blogging. Who knows, it could spark something. At least once the brain's reinstalled.

  5. Hey, Mals. :) I appreciate that. I really need to work up a proper "just post something!!!" burst of energy. Sustained energy.