Sunday, May 10, 2015

Rambling: Rambling

So I made hard-boiled eggs so that when I have those "I'm hungry!" moments at home, I'd have something healthier than chips around. Not healthy, but not as bad as a snack can be.

Tonight it occurred to me that I had everything I needed to make deviled eggs, and promptly made two of the eggs as bad a snack can be. Well, sort of. I'm sure a snack can be worse. For example, the deviled eggs had no sugar in them. Except for whatever might have been in the mayonnaise.

Mmm, mayonnaise.

I never used to like mayonnaise as a kid. In fact, I hated it, along with mustard and liver and other scarey "I've never tasted it but I know I hate it!" foods. Now I like it far, far more than I should.

What's my point here? I don't seem to have one. This post is, really, just rambling.

Orphan Black is back. I'm not sure how I feel do I say this without writing a spoiler? OK, I'll just say I'm not sure about the increased percentage of male characters. I rather liked the fact that Orphan Black might not have passed the reverse Bechdel test. It's not that I object to male characters, but a truly female-centered show is a pretty rare thing.

The "farm" is coming along nicely. Last weekend I planted thirty-five strawberry plants. And thirty-nine bean "spots"--I plant a group of two or three seeds at each carefully-measured location. And eighteen, or twenty-four, or something like that, "greens" plants. (Six each of two kinds of komatsuna, bok choy, and lettuce.) And some lettuce and beet and basil seed, several little four-foot-long furrows. And a sprinkling of dill.

I haven't planted the melon, cucumber, pumpkin, zucchini, or delicata seeds. I theoretically have the ground prepared for some of them, but I'm not sure if I'm satisfied with it.

I'm hoping to gear the farm up to support a daily salad. We'll see how that works out. Right now, there's a nice backlog of lettuce growing out there--twelve full-size heads and maybe another two dozen little ones, not counting what I just planted. But the warm temperatures are taking us out of prime lettuce season.

There's also the komatsuna, and the beets will produce greens, and so will the kale. I'm not sure if that will be a workable salad or not. And how about purslane? I've never eaten purslane; I'm pretty sure it's that stuff that's growing as a weed in part of the garden. And of course there's no law against the un-leafy salad vegetables. Cucumbers, zucchini, and so on. Assuming I get them planted.

We just ate the first ripe and not-bug-gnawed strawberry. Yay!

That is all.

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