Sunday, March 22, 2015

Rambling: Day two! Look at that!

Look! I'm back!

Though not so much with something to say. I just wanted to post two days in a row to prove that I could.

Have you seen I, Zombie? I recently saw the pilot. I'm vaguely embarrassed at how much I like it. Though well-written silliness with extra snark tends to be the kind of thing that I do like. People are comparing it to both Buffy and Veronica Mars, so how could I not like it?


See, I have to finish this post by midnight to post two days in a row. And my brain just stopped.

The lettuce at the farm is doing well. Y'know, just to offer an update. I planted three kinds of lettuce, and Red Russian kale, under a roughly five foot by five foot swath of that frost-protection row cover, way back in December. I passed the point where I planned to transplant the itty bitty seedlings; they're pretty big seedlings now. I could probably start eating them.

The peas that I planted a little while ago are partly up. Eight out of twelve plants. I'm a little concerned that I may have failed to plant three of them, since three of the failures are all in a row.

I should plant more. Unless it's too late. I tend to forget to plant things until it's too late.

We're planning the irrigation for the farm, going back and forth, back and forth, between PVC and cheap plastic tubing. The plan is to dry farm most of it most of the time, but we want to have the irrigation infrastructure in place anyway.

Again the um.

That appears to be all.

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