Thursday, February 7, 2013

SOTD: Serge Lutens Santal de Mysore

I really should have known. Santal Majuscule is described as the non-threatening, friendly, generally likable sandalwood. Santal de Mysore is supposed to be the weirder one. How could I fail to predict that I'd like the weird one much, much better? It's complex and buttery and velvety and rich-spicy and just a little sweaty. I expect to regain my fondness for Santal Majuscule, but it's definitely going to be second to this one.

Um. That is all.

Image: Wikimedia Commons


  1. Okay, well that makes Santal Mysore a must-try, in my book. :-) Big snow is on its way here in Massachusetts, so I'm bringing out the heavy ammo: Montale Orient Extreme.

  2. I have to apologize Chicken Freak for the extremely off topic comment. I did a search of your blog, and didn't find reviews of DKNY perfumes.

    Though I seriously think of you each time I buy a bottle of perfume. I'm sure all my purchases are quite pedestrian compared to what you review here - Like as if you told me you always be pre-ground coffee in a big tin can.

    In any case, yesterday on impulse, I selected a bottle of "Pure DKNY" scent spray for women.

    And, indeed, I thought of you.

  3. Hey, Cupcake! Ah, yes, try it. And I haven't tried that one - sounds like I need to?

  4. Yo, Melody! Hey, no perfume conversation is off topic. Or chicken conversation. Or bacon conversation. You know, the important issues.

    In my childhood, the pre-ground coffee in a big tin can would have been the gourmet choice. My parents drank instant. :) Maybe that's why I never developed a fondness for coffee.

    I'm delighted that you thought of me. :) And now I have to go smell Pure DKNY

  5. I agree wholeheartedly with you. Personally I think Santal de Mysore is the best of the Lutens Sandalwood bunch.

  6. I love Majuscule, but have yet to try Mysore. Am intrigued now, but Majuscule was noticeably sandalwood enough for me, and I am not generally one for weird. : - )

  7. Hey, Michael! Yes; I can't imagine why I felt wary about it. Now I'm struggling with the urge for a bottle. I should compromise on a decant, but. But.

  8. Hey, Vanessa! It's possible that you'd just find it rich and strong, rather than weird. Then again, it may be weird. :)