Thursday, March 10, 2011

SOTD: Milk

OK, it's not so much a scent as a quest. Milk, milk, and more milk. I'm stressed. Also, stressed. Plus, there's the stress.

Things are changing. Things are uncertain. It's not as if the possible consequences of the immediate uncertain-changey things are all that bad--it's not death, or bankruptcy, or starvation, at least not unless I take the worst cases to wacky extremes. (I'm good at wacky extremes.) So I feel like a wimp being so stressed. But all the same, I don't deal well with change, and I deal less well with uncertainty, and there's a big bag of both of them, and you see what I mean? See? See? Am I making sense here?

Also, I went looking for a cow picture for this post, but the cows all looked so sad that I started thinking that I should go vegan and stop drinking the milk. This is bad.

Image: By Hokkaid-man. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. CF, I'll try to send some calming thought-waves your way, though not certain I'm in the right state of mind to do it either. I'm not stressed, yet I feel very blue lately, especially waking up today to find out about the earthquake in Japan and the tsunami. Couple that with everything that's going on in Libya and the Middle East, the continuing horrible economic state of the world, and well...

    I suppose it doesn't help that it's March, and we had a foot of snow here on Monday, preceeded and followed by great deluges of rain.

    OK, have I made your day worse? Guess I'll shut up now. And join you in having a glass of milk.

  2. Can someone near at hand waft some lavender essential oil your way? I don't think mine will reach far enough, and I do want to help you out.

    Stressing about stressing ... yikes. Have you got your favourite tunes to hand? Something that you can't help but dance to? Something you can't resist, that makes you smile and feel free?

    (I laughed aloud during a very lengthy labour because James Brown, at just the right moment, sang "I feel good ... I knew that I would now", so what song works for you like that? )

    Otherwise, I'll keep wafting lavender oil at my screen and you might laugh if you picture me doing it.

    cheerio, and wishing you all the best,

    Anna in Edinburgh

  3. Cows are weird (I live a block away from a whole buncho cows. Cows to the right of me, cows to the left...very cowish, this neck of the woods is). They never look happy. Milk cows, beef cattle...they always look somewhat sad and mystified, even when they have nothing to be sad or mystified about! Continue to drink milk and try to de-stress (says the woman with giant, economy-sized anxiety attacks about absolutely NOTHING! LOL!)

    Go for a walk, if you can, to help de-stress. If you are around some cows, say hello and thank them for the milk!

    It'll get less stressful, soon. Spring, with its elemental change, often brings anxiety (weird isn't it? but I know so many people who get anxious as Spring arrives, myself included)....but once it's firmly here we all seem to settle down and enjoy it!


  4. Thanks, Suzanne! No, you didn't make it worse; I enjoyed your comment, though I was still too stressed and milk-logged to actually respond properly at the time. :)

  5. Yo, Anna! Well, I have lavender perfume, though I don't know if it has real lavender. When I'm too stressed, even music tends not to do the job, though just the right nonsense movie or TV show can.

    But the stress is reduced, as the change settles down. (We moved! Bwaha!) I'm even considering cutting down on the milk consumption. Not, of course, right this minute, but, y'know, maybe someday....

  6. Hey, Musette! A barrel of milk later, I'm emerging from the whacky. Maybe two barrels. Maybe one of those big shiny tanker trucks. Anyway, I'm back for now.

    And, yes, what's the deal with the poor cows? You'd think that once in a while they'd get a soaked-in-warm-sun-and-eating-juicy-grass bliss moment, but they never quite seem to.